The Barth Type Caster

Technical Drawings and CAD Models

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ATF Drawings

Casting Machine Nipple Plates, 6-24 pt.

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Stephenson, Blake Drawings

[NOT YET SCANNED] I was fortunate in being able to purchase (from an English antiquarian bookseller) the surviving technical drawings done by the Stephenson, Blake type foundry in England for the few Barth typecasters they acquired. Unfortunately, they are not fully completed engineering drawings and are less useful than might have been hoped.

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General Dimensions

[NOT DONE] Simplified rigging and installation drawings, including a floor plan for the 60 point machine.

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New Engineering Models and Drawings

Digital 3-D models and derived 2-D engineering drawing. The present emphasis is on the Size No. 1 1/2 machine (specifically Machine No. 112, the 60 point machine, CircuitousRoot Machine ID "BCD") and the machine described in Barth and Lietze's original patent (CircuitousRoot Machine ID "BCA").

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