The Barth Type Caster

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1. Introduction

These are links to images or videos of Barth casters taken by other people which appear (or appeared) online.

For images from the Barth patents, see ../ Barth Literature --> Patents.

For images which appeared originally offline, go up one level to the gallery of images From Traditional Printed Sources.

For photographs mostly taken by me, go up one level to the Galleries of Photographs.

I would appreciate learning of any images that I've missed.


2. By Gregory Jackson Walters

Gregory Jackson Walters has an extensive collection of Barth casters, including the largest surviving Barth: the 72 point machine. He's posted photos of this machine on his flickr photostream (which is otherwise notable for some very beautiful pages from European type specimen books).

3. By Fritz Klinke

Fritz Klinke, proprietor of NA Graphics, has these photos of Barths in his flickr photostream:

Chris Chen at 16 pt Barth caster working on [casting the type] Franciscan, Howell, Jan 2006: (It shows a good view of the rack for receiving the type sticks.)

[TO DO: find others - I think I recall seeing them.]

4. Modern Barth Photos: By Nick Sherman

[TO DO: Cite.]

5. Modern Barth Photos: By Fritz Swanson

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