The Barth Type Caster

Galleries of Photographs

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These are sets of photographs that I'm presenting here on CircuitousRoot. For photographs by others which have been published online elsewhere by them (e.g., on their flickr accounts), see the see the "Images from the Internet" Notebook. For photographs from traditional printed sources, see the (and thus become a part of the Barth caster's published literature), see the "Images from Images from Traditional Printed Sources Notebook.

For the most part the photographs presented here will have been taken by me (right now they all are). The idea is that these are more-or-less edited galleries. For a simple dump of all of the photographs I've taken of the Barth (already in the thousands as I re-start work on the machine in 2016 - digital "film" is cheap), see the Notes and Photographs Notebook.

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The 60 Point Barth as Acquired (2014)

A series of rough documentary photographs taken soon after I acquired the only surviving 60 point Barth type casting machine from Gregory Jackson Walters.