A Barth Journal

Interlude, Fall 2014 through Spring 2016

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Sometimes things don't work out as you intend. It's now over a year and a half later, and until a couple of days ago I hadn't accomplished anything at all with the Barth itself. (I did manage some background research, but that's not the same.) Things are improving now, though, and the Barth is the top project for this summer.

That's good, because while there is no fixed deadline for my promise to run and document the machine, there is an important event coming up: the 2016 ATF Conference. I'd really like to be able to show some progress by then.

With that in mind, I've modified my approach. The goal is still documentation, but good documentation takes a lot of time. Just getting a machine running is quicker. So I'll concentrate on just getting it to run, while taking enough photographs and notes along the way to produce real documentation later.

I did discover something amusing during this long delay. I took this photograph in southeastern Wisconsin:

image link-to-barth-storage-2016-05-24-0259-sf0.jpg