Dr. Church's GB Patent No. 4,664 of 1822

Specification As Printed in 1857

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This is what you receive if you purchase a copy of Dr. Church's 1822 patent, No. 4,664, from Her Majesty's government. It is not, in fact, a copy of the patent Specification itself as enrolled. Instead, it is a photocopy of a presumably official printing of the patent in 1857 by Eyre and Spottiswoode, Printers to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. There is no indication in the material I received as to what larger publication, if any, this printing may have been a part of (nor have I been able to discover any bibliographic record of this yet).

The drawings as printed were drawn "on stone" (I presume that means lithographically) by Malby and Sons (at least I think that's what they say; the writing isn't entirely clear). The drawings are black and white line drawings, with a note indicating that the original drawings were colored. Because these are not photographic reproductions of the originals, they are of course subject to human error. The photocopies as supplied appear to be at a reduced scale and are not fully legible; these do not have the appearance of first-generation photocopies. Still, they are much, much better than other versions more generally available, such as those published in The London Journal of Arts and Sciences (1823), which are incomplete, or the renderings published in Scientific American (1903), which are inaccurate.

(See: Quick Note on the Complexities of Researching Old British Patents and Researching and Donwloading Old Patents for details on the sources.)

The patent Specification consists of twelve pages of text and eight large-format sheets of drawings. I've uploaded these (having had large-format scans done of the drawings) to The Internet Archive, where you can read them:

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Church's 1822 Patent, 1857 Printing

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