Dr. Church's GB Patent No. 4,664 of 1822

Specification As Abridged in 1859

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(See: Quick Note on the Complexities of Researching Old British Patents and Researching and Donwloading Old Patents for details on the sources.)

For Dr. William Church's patents, therefore, see [bibliographic reference:] { Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Printing . (1859) }

Here's the title page:

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( Here's a local copy of it, from the Google Books PDF of the Harvard copy, in the Circuitous Root Notes on Researching and Downloading Old Patents Notebook.)

Here are the two relevant pages:

1859 Abridgments, pp. 159-160 (Google PDF pp. 180-181). GB Patent No. 4,664 of 1822-03-24. "An Improved Apparatus for Printing" (the typecaster, typesetter, and press system). It references: London Journal (Newton's), Vol. 6, p. 225, 281.

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