Index of Lanston Monotype Classifying Numbers

(Only those Used on the Thompson Type-Caster)

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Index of Classifying Numbers

Each part on a Lanston Monotype machine which performs a separate function is given an individual part number.

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By way of explanation:

When multiple identical parts appear together on the machine, they are given a single part number (for example, the four screws which hold down the Mold Cap are all p/n 54TC18). The number of screws used is given in parentheses after its name in the parts list.

When multiple identical parts appear in different locations on the machine (and thus perform different functions), they are given separate part numbers for each use. However, when they are also parts of relatively standard form (such as screws or pins) they are in addition given a "classifying" number to indicate that they are the same part in each location. Originally this "classifying number" was an internal factory aid, but later it was published in the parts lists. Thus the four screws which are p/n 54TC18 are also given classifying number 27. This is printed in boldface in the middle of the line identifying the part. This means that these screws are identical with all other screws on the machine also given classifying number 27 (for example, the four screws 54TC20 which hold the two halves of the Mold Stand together, or the three Clutch Yoke screws a10TC26).

There are also instances where identical parts which appear in different locations are not given classifying numbers. The most important instance of this is that several of the Rollers on the Levers are in fact identical and interchangeable. But they're not parts of standard form (screws, pins, etc.) and so are not included in the "classifying number" system.

To understand this system in the context of the part symboling ("part numbering") system used by Lnston, see the Bancroft / Monotype Part Symboling System discussion in the Part Symboling Systems Notebook.

The data here are from:

In the index here, the part numbers are cited with their alphabetic revision prefixes (if they have them), as the revision of a part could easily affect its classification.

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