Hand Wheel Handle

For the Thompson Type-Caster

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1. Thread Size

The Lanston Monotype Thompson Clutch Shaft Hand Wheel Handle, 10TC14, has on my two machines a thread of 3/8-16.

As originally suppplied, this is a plain handle (not a revolving one), and it is relatively short.

2. Via Enco/MSC

Both MSC and their discount division, Enco, list chrome-plated mild steel handweels. They come in either plain or revolving versions. Both are longer than the original Lanston part (which may be an advantage).

Both are available in "Import" grade and of "Gibraltar" brand. Searching for "Gibraltar" brand to find out what it really is brings up everything except handwheel handles. However, searching for trademarks indicates that "Gibraltar Products" is simply a brand name of MSC. In other words, you can get them as a certain import, or as an MSC (/Enco) house brand of unknown origin.

I got the revolving version. Enco stock no. 319-7678, 3/8-16 thread, 3 3/8 length overall. "Gibraltar" brand. It lists for $14.58 in 2012. The "import" grade would have been 4 cents cheaper. Ordering it from MSC (stock no. 7741-4431) would have been $17.37 for the same piece of metal shipped from the same warehouse in Nevada.

It's very nice. I have carefully preserved the one original Lanston handwheel handle that came with my two machines (one machine lacked a handle altogether), but I wouldn't want to go back to using it.

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WARNING: If you screw this handle in all the way, it begins to push out the Clutch Shaft Hand Wheel Stud (for stop motion), 10TC17. I haven't verified it, but I think that this Stud is just a press fit into the Hand Wheel. It still seems to work, but as pushed out slightly the Stud comes very close to hitting parts of the Stop Motion that it shouldn't. So watch the Stud position when installing a new Handle.

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