Modern Commercial Replacement Parts

For the Thompson Type-Caster

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Oil Cups

"Oil Hole Covers." Mostly, but not always, 3/8-24 UNF. Gits p/n 00205, MSC stock no. 03242351.

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Sight-Feed Oilers

1/8 NPTF.

"Adjustable-Flow Oil Reservoirs," McMaster-Carr stock no. 1167K51 = "Reservoirs, Drop Feed Pipe Thread NPTF (Dryseal)," LDI RDF101-11 (Aluminum).

"Pilot Snap Lever Sight Feed Oiler," Essex Brass p/n 0C33A0 & OC33A00 (Brass).

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Hand Wheel Handle

3/8-16 thread (probably). Handles, Revolving. Gibraltar (= MSC/Enco). Enco stock no. 319-7678

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