Identifying Metal Type

Kinds and Shapes of Nicks

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1. Introduction

This Notebook is a part of the Notebook on Nicks within the set of Notebooks on Identifying Metal Type from Its Physical Characteristics. See also ../../ Quads and Spaces -> Their Nicks, which are treated separately because the nicks on quads and spaces do not necessarily conform to the regular practice for type-high types.

2. Square Nick (Monotype Super Caster)

The Super Caster, a machine produced by The Monotype Corporation Limited in England (and uncommon, although not unknown, in the United States) produced a distinctive square nick cast into the type.

Here it is shown in a type from a font of 14 point Bembo cast on a Super Caster by Mouldtype.

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(Photograph by David Bolton, Alembic Press.)

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