Identifying Metal Type

Nick Position

image link-topic-sf0.jpg

See also ../../ Quads and Spaces -> Their Nicks, which are treated separately because the nicks on quads and spaces do not necessarily conform to the regular practice for type-high types.

In America and England Nicks are almost always on the front of the type (see the Notebook on Naming the Parts of Types for a definition of front and back) . In continental Europe they are often on the back.

The type shown below is interesting because, while cast by a London foundry, it bears a nick on the "top" side of the type as more commonly seen on the Continent.

image link-to-bogtrykker-caslon-london-nick-on-top-crop-whole-type-sf0.jpg

(Photographs by Jens Jørgen Hansen, Bogtrykker, from his flickr posting at: Clicking on either image above will show his un-cropped, full-size original photograph. Used by permission.)

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