Identifying Metal Type

Marks and Textures of the Shoulder

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1. Introduction

The Shoulder and the Counters of types often have markings cast into them.

Also, the matrices electroformed by Andrew Dunker leave a distinctive pattern of parallel lines on the shoulders of types cast from them.

For geometrical variations of the Shoulder see Distinctive Type Bodies, above.

For non-printing ornamented or trade-marked surfaces of quads and spaces, see Quads and Spaces, below.

2. Foundry Names and Trade Marks

The name of Haddon & Co. (The Caxton Type Foundry, [by 1895] - 1939? London) on the shoulder of a 36 point figure.

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(Photograph by DMM, CircuitousRoot.)

3. Indentifiers On Specific Types (Usually 'H')

4. Piece Identifiers


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