The Type-&-Rule Caster

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The Lanston Monotype Type-&-Rule Caster is a modified version of the Composition Caster. Indeed, the 1912 edition of The Monotype System does not yet call it the "Type-&-Rule Caster," but rather "The Type Caster [Convertible]." By way of speculative research, I believe that the attachment to allow the casting of larger types by hand was introduced in 1903. However, this attachment did not yet allow the casting of rule. That had to wait until the introduction of fusion casting techology in [DATE?] I presume that at this point the caster with the sorts casting attachment became known as the "Type-&-Rule Caster."

Things get a little confusing, because you can add the "Type-&-Rule" attachment to a Composition Caster without removing its composition casting abilities. You can also have a "Type-&-Rule Caster" which does not have (and perhaps never had) composition casting abilities. Because of this, while there is a separate " adjustment book" for the Type-&-Rule Caster, the " plate book" for both machines is the same .

The Composition Caster without the "Type-&-Rule" attachment and modifications can cast type from 5 to 12 point, either in composition or as sorts and fonts. It uses cellular matrices for this, regardless of whether it is casting composition or sorts/fonts. It may be used to do this under tape control, using a conventional matrix holder. (I'm not yet sure whether you can use a "straight" Composition Caster under manual control; I just don't know my Monotype equipment well enough.)

The Composition Caster with the "Type-&-Rule" attachment and modifications, retains the abilities of the Composition Caster in the 5 to 12 point range, as above. Additionally, it can cast sorts or fonts in the 5 to 12 point range under manual control, using cellular matrices in a special matrix holder. Additionally, it can cast sorts or fonts over 12 points (up to 36 points) under manual control (by never in composition). It uses flat "display" matrices when casting by hand over 12 point.

A "pure" "Type-&-Rule Caster" is simply the machine with the "Type-&-Rule" attachment and modifications but without the components specific to composition casting (e.g., the Paper Tower).

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Adjustments books. Care and Cleaning of the 1T and 1U sorts casting Molds. Charts for: Display Type Attachment [& Font Schemes], Display Wedge Position.

Notes: [See Williams 1984 APA article. "makes material and type up to 36 point"] [Illus. in Karch. Printing and the Allied Trades 2ed. p. 119]

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