Type Casting Flaws

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A gallery of types which are less than perfect.

1. Cold Casts


2. Holes in the Groove

Note: Perhaps more commonly called "holes in the foot," but often the feet are just fine. This is porosity in the last location of the type to solidify.

It looks bad, of course, and as in a perfect type it would not exist it is an indication that there is a problem in your type casting procedure, but in itself it does not necessarily indicate a bad or unserviceable type.

Below: Stephenson, Blake & Co., Sheffield & London, England 72 point ornament. Registered design 424,009 (registered between 1903-06-18 and 1904-02-16). Cast on a pivotal type caster. See the discussion of Stephenson, Blake pin marks for more information on this type.

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image link-to-dmm-stephenson-blake-72pt-424009-pinmarks-etc-2015-02-13-hole-in-groove-sf0.jpg image link-to-dmm-stephenson-blake-72pt-424009-pinmarks-etc-2015-02-13-hole-in-groove-whole-type-sf0.jpg

3. Voids in the Body


4. Porosity


5. Holes in the Sides

[TO DO] MSJ wing body, pivotal, bad cast through pin mark. Giant Cast type with holes in dimples in cored portion.

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