Aktiengesellschaft für Schriftgießerei und Maschinenbau

[Corporation for Typefounding and Machine Building]

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1. Overview

1888-1922. Aktiengesellschaft für Schriftgießerei und Maschinenbau. Offenbach am Main, Germany. Formerly J. M. Huch. Acquired by Berthold AG in 1922.

A posting to the http://www.typografie.info/ website dates the incorporation of this foundry to 1888-04-16, and indicates that came from an earlier firm, J. M. Huck [sic] & Co., which dated to 1840. {typografie.info 2015}

Writing a little earlier to the events, in 1894, the New Zealand printer and type critic R. Coupland Harding (who wrote regularly for The Inland Printer in Chicago) wrote: "English-speaking readers may be excused for regretting that when the firm of J. M. Huch [not Huck] & Co., typefounders, Offenbach-on-the-Main, was constituted a joint-stock company it adopted such an unmanageable name as Aktiengesellschaft für Schriftgießerei und Maschinenbau." {Harding 1894}

The type specimen book collector Cees de Jong says that the firm was "taken over by Berthold AG after 1922." {de Jong 2010}, p. 82.

The same http://www.typografie.info/ page also claims a final dissolution of the foundry between 1932 and 1936.

Henning Krause (user "berlintypes") on flikr has a photograph of the cover of a 1911 specimen book. He cites the firm as "AG Schriftgießerei."

See also the pinmark for this foundry.

2. References

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