Unidentified ATF Catalog (Fragments)

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1. Overview

These are fragments from an as-yet-unidentified (to me, at least) ATF catalog. They were distributed by Perfection Type, Inc. of Minneapolis, an authorized ATF type dealer.

Thanks are due to Sky Shipley of Skyline Type Foundry for preserving these fragments (as they came to him) and making them available.

2. Fragments

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Caslon ("temporary revival")

This specimen doesn't say, explicitly, that it is a revival by ATF. Since all of the other specimens are, however, I am presuming that it is. But it could be a revival by Perfection Type (which was a foundry capable of casting its own type).

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Craw Modern

A single page specimen (the back of this specimen, not shown, is blank save for a rubber stamp of the address of Perfection Type, Inc.) The specimen does not say "ATF," but the Series number (714) is ATF Craw Modern. McGrew dates its introduction to 1958.

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News Gothic Bold

McGrew dates its introduction to 1958.

The showing above contains an interesting table of ATF gothic faces which assembles various faces (in various weights and expansions) as if they constituted a single family. Here's a version of it directly:

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Univers Nos. 75 & 76

Two one-page specimens.

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