Kelsey & Co.

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1. Overview

Meriden, CT. 1898-1920 [as a foundry]. Meriden, CT. Cited in Lasko, "Pinmarks...", p. 11, as having "maintained two Bruce casters and produced type for some twenty years" The firm existed for a longer period as a press manufacturer, of course. Matrices "were supposed to have come from the old New England Type Foundry, dissolved in 1898." {Lasko}

2. Specimen Books

For reprints of Kelsey literature, including specimens, see ../../ Printing Presses -> Kelsey.

3. Bibliography

Harris, Elizabeth. "Dr. Baker's Grape Cure: The Curious Business Ventures of William Kelsey." Campane [National Amateur Press Association newsletter, volume and number unknown to me]. 1994.

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