[UK] Mouldtype

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1. Overview

? - ca. 1992. Dunkirk Lane, Preston, Lancashire. Monotype casting. Machines went to a museum in Japan upon closing (not sure about the matrices). See Benjamin Brundell's site http://britishletterpress.co.uk/type/type-founders: "Type cast by Mouldtype has the letters MTF cast on the shank." See also { Moseley et. al., Founder's London A-Z , p. 20} Interestingly, Moultype occupied the same site (50 Farringdon Street, London EC4) from 1956-1987 that Stephenson, Blake occupied from 1766-1986 (their building at this location is shown in the icon for this page, taken from their 1970s catalog; I doubt that this particular building existed in 1766). Type imported into the United States by Amsterdam Continental Types, Inc..

2. Specimens, Catalogs, and Price Lists

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Mouldtype Specimen Book "Seventies Major Edition" (Preston, UK: Mouldtype Foundry Ltd.) Regrettably, although Mouldtype is no more their 1970s catalog is still in copyright in both the UK and the US. I cannot, therefore, reprint it.

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