A Board Game for Printers

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This is a way of playing the well-known word-creating board game (the name of which I won't even utter here; Wikipedia claims it is found in one in three American households) for printers. I just made this up; it seems delightfully silly.

Equipment Required:

1. A copy of the board game. Set aside the regular tiles and the tile holders.

2. As many composing sticks as there are players.

3. Type, such that set width of the widest character (usually capital 'W') is near to but not greater than 60 points, and the body height ("point size") of the font is near to but not greater than 54 points.

Only uppercase (or alternatively only lowercase) type is required, with the following fonting scheme:


Play proceeds according to the regular rules of the game, with the exception that words are read as a printer reads them: left to right, bottom to top. Players hold their types in their composing sticks, of course.

IMPORTANT: This game involves handling type. Players must observe all customary precautions. Do not eat, drink, or smoke while playing it. Players must wash their hands after playing. Once used for this version of the game, the board must not be used for ordinary play (or must be washed thoroughly before ordinary use, if this is possible). Players must be adults, as there is no established minimum contact level for lead for minors.

To avoid these restrictions, or to allow the playing of this game by minors, new wood type might be used.

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