Save the Linotypes!

Linotype/Intertype/Monotype/Ludlow/Elrod/Etc. Rescue Near Southwestern Wisconsin

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If you know of any "hot metal" letterpress machine (Linotype, Intertype, Monotype, Ludlow, Elrod, etc.), foundry typecaster, or similar machine, or related equipment, parts, accessories, literature, or even ephemera anywhere near southwestern Wisconsin that is in fact going to be hauled off to the scrapyard or dump, (or pitched in the trash) please contact me so that I might see if I, or someone else, could save it.

I'm not interested in trying to acquire machines just to have newer or better or whatever. If it's going to a good home already, then that's great. Practically, I've already got enough to work with. However I can't bear to see these beautiful old machines and parts scrapped. I can't afford to pay much, if anything (it tends to cost me significantly more simply to transport them to safety, actually), but I will give them a good home.

These machines are an important part our industrial heritage. They are the pinnacle of the 19th century engineering that put America on the map of the world, and they created much of the Age of Media that was the 20th century. Yet all too often today they are seen as useless, incomprehensible hulks worth at best a few dollars in scrap. They're then destroyed, scrapped, melted down, sold overseas as bulk material, and then re-sold back to us as finished imported products. We're trading our own history and our future for cheap consumer goods. This is not respect for America. It isn't even good business.

David M. MacMillan 
2526 Wearne Road 
Mineral Point, Wisconsin 53565 
(608) 623-2286 

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