Chandler and Price Galley Proof Press: History and Images

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Inland Printer

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Palmer, Rey. specimen book. 1887. The "Ready Roller Proof Presss No. 2" (very similar).

A. D. Farmer and Son. Typographic Specimens. 1900.

The very similar "Challenge Proof Press." p. 551. Google Books. [PROCESS AND PUT HERE]

ATF. Specimen Book and Catalog. 1923. p. 929

With price list of various models/sizes. [SCAN AND PUT HERE]

2. In Books

Henry, Frank S. Printing for School and Shop. (1917)

p. 25 (p. 46 of Google Books PDF). line drawing. [EXTRACT THIS HERE] [Google Books]

Mansfield. Composition and Presswork for the Student of Printing (1929).

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Polk. The Practice of Printing Peoria, IL: The Manual Arts Press, 1945. [first edition was 1925]

This shows a generic "galley press." (like mine, but with a flat tray below the cabinet, and without the curved ironwork at this lower level. Polk is still in copyright. p. 57.

Stewart, A. A. Proof Presses: A Primer of Information About the Customary Methods and Machines for Taking Printers' Proofs . (NY: United Typothetae of America, 1918). ["Typographical Technical Series for Apprentices, Part 1, No. 5]

p. 12, line drawing. [Google Books]

3. C&P Galley Proof Presses Online

4. C&P Galley Proof Presses Not Online

According to a 1998-02-19 posting to the LETPRESS mailing list by Stan Nelson, the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution has a "Chandler and Price galley proofing press" which, until its closure, was in their "Newspaper Shop" exhibit.

5. Photographs of Mine

I did my first printing in my shop with this press, so there are some photos of it in my First Printing Notebook.

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