Chandler and Price Parts

For their Gordon-Style Platen Job Presses

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1. Chases

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10x15 Chase, Steel, Lapped & Riveted Corners

2. Feed and Delivery Boards

In 2008, Dan Barron of Freeport, IL posted to Briar Press, that he had made new feedboards for his C & P 10x15 NS and that he was "willing to make more." I know nothing further than this (but the feedboards shown in his photographs were lovely).

3. Grippers

NA Graphics (Fritz Klinke) sells grippers.

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Measurements for New Series 10x15 grippers.

4. Rollers

5. Treadles

The Hern Iron Works, founded by the late John Hern, still manufacturer new replacement treadles for these presses.

6. Used Parts

As they said in Casablanca, "round up the usual suspects." These include:

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