Pearl No. 11 Compatible Trucks

Project/Part CR5-2/71

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In this Notebook I'll present the surviving data for Improved Pearl No. 11 Brayer and Ink Rollers, their Cores, and their Form Roller Wheels. I'll also develop a design for a compatible truck. I won't cover the process of making this design in detail here; for the making of similar Form Roller Trucks, see the Machining Pearl Form Roller Wheels Notebook.

Particular thanks are due to Stephen O. Saxe for having preserved the original Golding & Co. drawings which have enabled this project and for his very kind help in all phases of this project.

N.B., These parts are called "trucks" or "roller trucks" by modern convention. The Golding & Co. name for them was "Form Roller Wheels."

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Surviving Roller, Core, & Wheel Data

A discussion of the roller/brayer characteristics of the Improved Pearls. New drawings of truck and roller/core data extracted from surviving copies of Golding & Co. engineering drawings and tables. CircuitousRoot Drawings Nos. CRD-5 through CRD-8.

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A Compatible Form Roller Wheel Design (O.S.)

A design for a Form Roller Wheel intended to be compatible with Improved Pearl No. 11 O.S. roller equipment. CircuitousRoot Drawing No. CRD-9.

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This is an open source hardware project.

The data are public domain (this is 19th century technology, after all). The new drawings I've made are all presented under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, as are these web pages describing the project. You can copy and/or modify these drawings and these web pages under the terms of this license.

If you distribute modified versions of these drawings or this project, please replace the "CR" in the drawing/part identifiers with some prefix of your choice (other than "LT", which I might use myself). It is in everyone's best interests if forks of projects are identified distinctively.

You can use the information here to make these trucks, or trucks based on them (even commercially). However, please note that any use you make of any information here is entirely at your own risk; I disclaim all responsibility for your actions and their consequences.

Note also that "CircuitousRoot" is a registered trademark. If you make or modify any CircuitousRoot project, it is ok to use "CircuitousRoot" to identify the original source of the project, but it is not ok to use this name in any way which implies that CircuitousRoot endorses your version of or your making of the project. This is just common courtesy as well.

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