Literature for Stereotype Plate Making

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From the Western Newspaper Union

A useful overview of the dry-mat process from the Western Newspaper Union Catalog of Printing Machinery and Supplies, No. 53 (Chicago: Western Newspaper Union, 1953): 64.

My thanks here to Sky Shipley, of Skyline Type Foundry.

Literature to add:

See also the literature accompanying various specific machines, especially the Hammond MatMakir, EasyKaster, RouterPlaner and the Electricaster.

In 1982 Garland Publishing, Inc. (NY) reprinted Charles Brightley's The Method of Founding Stereotype (1809) and Thomas Hodgson's An Essay on the Origina nd Progress of Stereotype Printing (1820) with new introductory material by Michael L. Turner. I am uncertain as to the copyright status of the facsimile reprints of Brightley and of Hodgson in this version (the 1982 introductory material by Turner is clearly still in copyright), so have not reproduced it here. It is worth consulting.

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