Elrod History and Models

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McMurtrie. Notes on the History of the Elrod (1936)

A very short booklet by the Director of Typography for Ludlow.

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The Monotype Infringement Case

[NOT DONE] Around 1920, the Lanston Monotype Machine Company sued Ludlow (or Elrod then?) for patent infringement over the cutoff device of the Elrod. Monotype prevailed. I haven't fully researched this case yet (in particular, I haven't found the actual court documents), but here's what little I know.

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[NOT DONE] This is a summary of the various Elrod models, insofar as I can discover what they were. I'm trying in particular (but with limited success) to pin down dates of introduction, capabilities, and dates of significant feature changes (e.g., types of oilers).

[NOTE: The Inland Printer Vol. 87, No. 5 (August, 1931): 95. has a brief note, illustrated, on the introduction of the Models E and F Elrod. Interestingly, the Ludlow Typograph Company ad in this issue (on p. 1) does not mention the Elrod. [TO DO: scan this]

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