Elrod Technical Literature

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Practical Stuff

Elrod Weights, Dimensions, Power Requirements, and Dates (links to this information elsewhere).

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Manuals and Service Documents

Mostly links to this information elsewhere. A few items presented here. Also, an index of the extraordinary "James Parrish Version" of the Elrod documentation.

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Elrod Patents

These are only those patents directly relevant to the Elrod or stripcaster-related and assigned to the Ludlow Typograph Company. Other patents for stripcasters and related devices may also be of interest in the study of the Elrod - see in particular those for the Monotype Material Maker (especially the ones involved in the Monotype infringement suit) and the 1948 and later patents of Horn (the "Universal Strip Caster") and Narrow for stripcasters in the Elrod style.

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