Elrod Tools, Accessories, Consumables, and Parts

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The Accessories Box (The "Toolbox")

How to distinguish one model's Accessories Box from another's. Identifying the contents of the Accessories Box.

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Crucible Cleaning Outfit

AEC1015 and parts therein.

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Diffusion Tube Repacking Set

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Mold Oil

[notes: original patents specify "heavy mineral oil." On LETPRESS 2002-03-16 Jack Sheedy said he'd heard that automatic transmission fluid would work, but hadn't tried it.]

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Lubricating Oil, Grease, Ludlow Lubriclean (?)

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Elrod Typemetal

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Molds, Mold Adapter, and Mold Containers

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Parts Used with Various Molds

Each mold requires a specific combination of these accessories: Release Plate, Material Clamp Plate, Stationary Knife, Material Holding Catch, Puller Wedge Shim. Some molds will also require the Twin Lead Separator. (And, yes, I should prepare a better linking image/icon here.)

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Starter Strip Preparation

Material Scraper, Hollow Material Reamers.

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Drip Cups; Mold Sealing Plate(s), Mold Cover Slide

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Replaceable Parts

Fuses. Plunger Rod Clevis Pin (EC1318 ? or AEC1319A ? manual 8 is inconsistent)

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Diagnostic and Repair Tools

Eletrical Testing Cord. Mold Remover. Cam Roll Stud Screw Driver.

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Ordinary Wrenches, Hex Keys, Screwdrivers, Brushes

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Parts Not Shown or Shown Poorly in Manual

Mold/Accessories Container Bracket(s). Mold Container Drip Pan.

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