Casting from Mel Arndt's 120 Point Matrix

ATF 2010, Piqua, OH

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This is a photograph of a piece of 120 point type cast at the 2010 ATF conference in Piqua, Ohio. It was cast from a matrix CNC-milled by Mel Arndt of Toledo, Ohio using a 120 point bench-mounted handcasting mold owned by our host, Gregory J. Walters. Greg Walters later printed a keepsake from a type that he had cast during this session - and it printed beautifully.

The type shown here is the one that I cast. It did not turn out perfectly, as is apparent - the fault is with my casting technique, not with Mel's matrix or Greg's mold. The type as shown is (correctly) wrong-reading; note that Mel engraved non-printing text which would cast right-reading on the shoulder of the type.

To give a better idea of what this is, here are a few snapshots I took during the casting session:

Mel Arndt's matrix, with a cast type to the upper right:

Assembling the mold. The matrix can be seen through it. This mold was used in India prior to Greg's acquisition of it, but was probably made in England in the early 20th century.


A cast type, held in gloved hands for scale. (That much typemetal takes a while to cool.)

The bottom half of the disassembled mold, with several cast types on the bench (all of which still have their jets attached). 120 point is big type.

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