ATF 2010 - Piqua, OH

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1. About the Conference

The 2010 Conference of the American Typecasting Fellowship was hosted by Gregory Jackson Walters in Piqua, OH. It was the 17th biennial conference of the group.

The speech at the banquet was by Theo Rehak. This was captured on video by Nick Sherman and is online at: (Note: At the 2014 ATF Conference, a version of this printed by Letter-kunde Press, Antwerp, Belgium under the title A Message of Hope for the Masters of Molten Metal was distributed as a keepsake.)

This conference also featured a screening of a pre-release version of Richard Kegler's film Making Faces. For more on this film, which is in my opinion the most important work in English on making metal type, see the P22 web page for it at: or the trailer for it on YouTube at:

2. Keepsakes

For this conference, Mel Arndt of Toledo engraved a beautiful 120 point matrix for the ATF logo. We cast this using a hand mold that Gregory J. Walters, our host, imported from India. There was no publication associated with this matrix or casting. For a little more on it, see the Notebook on Casting Mel Arndt's 120 Point Matrix (ATF Piqua, 2010).

Other keepsakes include Jim Daggs' broadside "There's Nothing Like the Kiss of Letterpress." (13 x 19 in.)

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