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Note: This is just my own personal page with information about these keepsakes. It is not officially affiliated with the ATF; I'm merely a member of this group.

For more information on the group, see the (unofficial!) CircuitousRoot ATF Notebook.

See also the CircuitousRoot Notebook containing a list of the ATF Conferences.

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It is traditional, though by no means required, for attendees at the ATF Conferences to create "keepsakes" for distribution to the other attendees. At times some of these keepsakes are also papers presented at the conference, but more often they are simply things made for their own sake.

Here is a very incomplete list of some of these keepsakes:

For the 1st Conference, (1978)

For the 2nd Conference, Larchmont, NY (1980)

For the 3rd Conference, Oxford, UK (1982)

For the 4th Conference, Washington, DC (1984)

For the 5th Conference, Indianapolis, IN (1986)

For the 6th Conference, Terra Alta, WV (1988)

For the 7th Conference, Nevada City, NV (1990)

For the 8th Conference, Williamsburg, VA (1992)

For the 9th Conference, Buena Park, CA (1994)

For the 10th Conference, Charlotte, NY (1996)

For the 11th Conference, Sunnyvale, CA (1998)

For the 12th Conference, Rindge, NH and Ashuelot, NH (2000)

For the 13th Conference, Provo, UT (2002)

For the 14th Conference, Terra Alta, WV (2004)

For the 15th Conference, Carson, CA (2006)

For the 16th Conference, St. Louis, MO / Kampsville, IL (2008)

For the 17th Conference, Piqua, OH (2010)

For the 18th Conference, Portland, OR (2012)

Although I was unable to attend this Conference, I was able to put together a complete list of the keepsakes presented there (q.v.) The paper which I was unable to present at this Conference (but which was distributed), is available here: "On Preserving Typecasting and Linecasting Documents in the Digital Era

For the 19th Conference, Salem, NH (2014)

See the main entry for this conference, at ../ ATF 2014 Conference: Papers, Presentations, and Keepsakes.

For the 20th Conference, Finger Lakes Region, NY (2016)

See the main entry for this conference, at ../ ATF 2016 Conference: Papers, Presentations, and Keepsakes.

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