Frederick Nelson Phillips / Tri-Arts

Printer and Type Collector

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Printer and type collector. His Phillips' Old Fashioned Type Book. (1945.) was an early and important contribution to the 20th century revival of "antique" (19th century ornamental) types

Frederic Nelson Phillips, Inc. offered composition and reproduction proofs from antique type.

Saxe {APHA 71 (1986)} lists him with ca. 1200 fonts of metal and 180 fonts of wood type.

Collection to Bowne & Co., Stationers.


Frederick Nelson Phillips, Inc. Type Faces in which We "Prove It with Proofs" in Typography for Advertisements . NY: Frederick Nelson Phillips, Inc., [various dates]

Various editions, including:

Phillips' Old Fashioned Type Book. (NY: Frederic Nelson Phillips, Inc., 1945.) 252pp.

[Phillips] Olde Type Faces at Tri-Arts Press, Inc. 331 East 38 St. New York 16, N.Y. from the Frederic Nelson Phillips Collection of Antique, Exotic, [and] Ancient Type Faces, Murr"ee" Hill 6-4242. (NY: Tri-Arts Press, n.d. [dated 1971 in Saxe {APHA 71 (1986)]) 74pp.

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