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Abbott (Abbot Oldstyle)

ATF Series No. 1 (N.B., McGrew says "[Abbott] bears ATF's serial number 1 because it headed the alphabetic list when the numbering system was introduced about 1930, rather than being their oldest face.") By 1898. Cut by John F. Cumming { Loy/Johnston/Saxe p. 54} to a design by Joseph Warren Phinney for ATF. Both { McGrew} and Saxe { Saxe/Johnston/Loy p. 58} date it to 1901. This is curious, becuase the biography of Cumming by Loy, which mentions Abbot specifically, appeared in the Inland Printer Vol. 21, No. 4 (July, 1898). It does not appear in either the 1898 ATF Desk Book or the 1900 ATF Desk Book, but does appear in the 1906 ATF American Line Type Book (pp. 216-217). The specimen shown in McGrew, by Walter Long, shows several characters and logotypes not present in the published showings.

Loy as reprinted in { Loy/Johnston/Saxe p. 54} spells it "Abbott"; I need to check the original to see if this is correct. The 1906 specimen spells it "Abbot".

Here are the showings from the 1906 ATF American Line Type Book:

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