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In a posting to the LETPRESS Internet mailing list on 2001-06-25, entitled "24 point Crayonette type subscription casting," Tom Parsons observed that Rich Hopkins (Hill & Dale Private Press and Typefoundry) acquired four sizes of the original Keystone matrices from ATF at the 1993 [Parsons says 1992] ATF auction.

In the LETPRESS posting noted above, Tom Parsons reported on an announcement made by Rich Hopkins at the Amalgamated Printers' Association Wayzgoose to the effect that at his Hill & Dale Private Press and Typefoundry he would be doing a subscription casting of Crayonette from the Keystone mats. The casting was to be done on a Monotype Supercaster in 24 point, in 4A, 12a fonts (font scheme unspecified).

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Crayonette Open

Keystone Type Foundry. Shown in The American Bookmaker Vol. 12, No. 1 (1891-01): p. iA.

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