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Ionic No. 4

McGrew, in his discussion of Lanston Monotype No. 26, Modern Antique, gives "Ionic No. 4" as a related face. However, he does not identify an "Ionic No. 4" in his discussion of "Ionic." I have been unable to find "Ionic No. 4" in: Mergenthaler Linotype Specimen Book of Type Styles (1915), Mergenthaler Linotype Linotype Type Faces ("Big Red)," Mergenthaler Linotype Useful Matrix Information (1937 edition) Intertype Faces, or my copy of Lanston's Monotype Type Faces.

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Italic Copperplate (Ihlenburg/MSJ, 1878)

Cut in typemetal patrices (which were then electroformed to make matrices) by Herman Ihlenburg for MacKellar, Smiths and Jordan (so attributed by Loy. "Designers and Engravers of Type." The Inland Printer. (Feb. 1898 - June 1900) , in installment No. 4 - Herman Ihlenburg. Vol. 21, No. 2 (May, 1898) See reprint at CircuitousRoot [note: NOT DONE (2011)] or, better, the extremely well-illustrated reprint by Johnston & Saxe (2009)). The icon at left links to a full-resolution PNG version of the "raw" JPEG2000 image of the digitization of the entire page showing this face from the 1892 MSJ Specimens of Printing Types .

US design patent No. 10,417, issued 1878-01-29 to Herman Ihlenburg and assigned to MacKellar, Smiths and Jordan. Application filed 1878-02-16.

This face by Ihlenburg makes an interesting comparison with Lithographic Roman / Ornamented No. 1541, a face cut by Harrison T. Lounsbury for Bruce (revived in the 20th Century as Wayzata). Both faces share the pattern of short diagonal bars. In discussing Ornamented No. 1541 in Nineteenth Century Designers and Engravers of Type, Loy says that it is "in the style of lettering used by plate engravers a generation or two ago". That makes the name of the present face, Italic Copperplate, all the more suggestive.

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