Typeface Index: US Type Design Patents, 1870s

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D 3,905, 1870-03-15. Page. (Aldine & Ornamented)

US design patent no. 3,905. "Design for Type." Issued 1870-03-15 to William H. Page. Assigned to William H. Page & Co.. The patent identifies the style as "Aldine Ornamented," but shows two faces (which became Aldine (Page)). and Aldine Ornamented (Page)). These were designed to be printed either independently or overlaid in colors.

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D 10,417, 1878-01-29. Ihlenburg. (Italic Copperplate)

US Patent Design No. 10,417, issued 1878-01-29 to Herman Ihlenburg. Filed 1877-12-17. "Design for a Font of Printing-Type." Assigned to MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan. This is Italic Copperplate.

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