Roman Types

Predating the Concepts of Series and Typeface

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The concept of a typeface is a relatively modern one, dating from the middle of the 19th century (that is "relatively modern" for a field which dates back to about 1450). If you try to understand earlier type specimens with the idea that "typeface" is a fundamental way of describing types, you will be very confused (because, actually, it isn't). Size, not typeface, is the more basic concept.

So even within a single specimen by a single typefounder, a Brevier Roman No. 2 may be entirely unrelated to a Double-Pica Roman No. 2. See the Explanation of Types Predating the Concepts of Series and Typeface for further discussion.

Here, I will identify these types first by the typefounder and particular specimen in which they appear, and then (within that specimen) by size and by number.

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Binny & Ronaldson, 1796

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