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Washington Text (Keystone, ATF)

Keystone Type Foundry, Patented 1904, introduced 1905. S. M. Weatherly. Patent Number ? Became ATF No. 935. Cut in composition sizes by Lanston Monotype ( see below).

{McGrew} compares Washington Text to ATF's Bradley, but I find them to be quite different in their particulars.

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Washington Text (Lanston)

Lanston Monotype adaptation of the Keystone / ATF face of the same name ( see above). Cut in composition sizes only.

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Wayside Roman & Italic (ATF, Kittypot)

ATF. 1900. ATF Series No. 441. {McGrew}.

Cast again from ATF mats by ATF for Steve L. Watts' Kittypot Castings.

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Wayzata (Phoenix, LATF, Barco, Skyline)

A copy of a 19th century face done for Typefounders, Inc. [of Phoenix] after 1962 but by 1967. (It is not shown in the 1962 Typefounders, Inc. [of Phoenix], Specimen 7A, but is shown in the Los Angeles Type Founders "Antique Types" Specimen, which is a Typefounders, Inc. specimen with the LATF name on it printed sometime after the acquisition of Typefounders, Inc. by LATF in 1967.

Saxe, in the Johnston & Saxe edition of Loy (2009) identifies Wayzata with Bruce Ornamented No. 1541, and illustrates that face. It is clearly the same as Wayzata. This face is identical to the one shown by Bruce as Lithographic Roman in the "10th Supplement to Bruce's Abridged Specimen Book of 1869" issued 1875-07-01.

McGrew identifies Wayzata with an unspecified face by MacKellar, with a further entirely hypothetical note observing that there is a Minneapolis suburb named "Wayzata"; this seems inconclusive at best. I have been unable to find this face in either the 1869 MSJ Specimen of Printing Types as reprinted by Dave Peat or the 1892 MSJ Specimen of Printing Types which has been digitized at The Internet Archive. Of course, it is entirely possible that MSJ copied Bruce's Ornamented No. 1541 and that Wayzata was made from that copy.

Loy make special mention of Ornamented No. 1541 (saying that it is "in the style of lettering used by plate engravers a generation or two ago, and though never attractive to the printer, shows most careful treatment.") Since Loy makes no mention of MSJ, and since he knew his material well, this would seem to imply that the Bruce face is the original.

Skyline Type Foundry possesses the 30 point matrices for Wayzata (though they are not yet listed in the 2011-02-11 edition of the STF Matrix Library).


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Weidemann Nos. 112, 118, 124, 130

See Tuscan Graille.

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Weidemann No. 224

See Ornate No. 2.

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Weidemann No. 330

See Tuscan Outline.

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Weidemann No. 424

See Tuscan Ombree.

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Nos. 524 & 536 (Weidemann [?])

See Tuscan Ornate

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Whittier (Keystone)

Cut by Gustave F. Schroeder either independently for or employed by the Keystone Type Foundry Date unknown. Not shown in the Saxe/Johnston edition of Loy.

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