Wayside Roman

ATF, Kittypot Castings

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1. By ATF as ATF

ATF. 1900. ATF Series No. 441. {McGrew}.

Shown in the 1960 and 1912 ATF specimens (and so presumably cast to ATF's American Line system). Not shown in the 1923 ATF specimen.

Here it is from the 1912 ATF American Specimen Book of Type Styles.

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2. By ATF for Kittypot Castings.

By 1959. A casting of ATF Wayside Roman by ATF from their matrices for Steve L. Watts' Kittypot Castings.

Watts had ATF cast the 11 point size of Wayside Roman on 12 point bodies, so as to preserve their long descenders without vertical kerns. This casting therefore could not line without adjustment with older ATF castings of Wayside.

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Thanks to Bob Mullen (Xanadu Press) for this prospectus.

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