Making Matrices: Acknowledgments

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If the author's gratitude is boundless toward his aiders and abettors, and if their number is great, several pages may be devoted to listing their names and contributions in the acknowledgments. - Adrian Wilson. The Design of Books (1993) [1] .

At the 2010 American Typecasting Fellowship biennial conference [2], I saw a preview screening of the film Making Faces, by P22 Type Foundry's Richard Kegler, on the work of the late Jim Rimmer. [3]. I knew then that I had to do this. It is a great regret of mine that I never had the opportunity to meet Rimmer, but through his work he has been a major influence on my life.

A short time later, Schuyler R. (Sky) Shipley, proprietor of Skyline Type Foundry [4], decided that it would be easier to teach me how to cast type than to make me go away.

Stephen O. Saxe gave me the benefit of his outstanding knowledge of type and historical typefounding. He also very kindly gave to me several ozalid copies of unpublished Goudy working drawings made by the late Paul Hayden Duensing and several sorts of Goudy's "lost" typeface "Truesdell," cast by Goudy himself. This connection with the original materials of such an important figure has been inspiring.

The proprietors of Raky Press have been boundless in their help during many difficult situations. Infrastructure!


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