Capital Type Writing Machine Company

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1. Overview

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At present, I know of this machine only through a patent by Charles T. Moore which was assigned to this company. Moore, who had been important in the pre-history of the Linotype, was at later involved in several typewriting and related companies, including the Moore Typewriter Company, American Planograph Company, and possibly the Linomatrix Company and/or the Linomatrix Machine Company.

I am aware of no evidence that the Capital Type Writing Machine Company ever produced a machine.

2. Patents

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US Patent 549,232 (1895, Filed 1885)

US patent 549,523, "Type-Writing Machine." Issued 1895-11-12 to Charles T. Moore, of Washington, DC. Filed 1885-07-03 as application serial nubmer 170,645. Assigned to the Capital Type Writing Machine Company, of Virginia.

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