Charles T. Moore (Other Machines)

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1. Overview

Charles T. Moore is an unimportant figure in the history of the typewriter. However, he has a special place in what might be called the "pre-history" of the Linotype. In an odd way, he was also involved with the very early pre-history of photocomposition. While the Linotype is of course a part of the relief printing ("letterpress" printing) process, his early involvement with it was tied into lithographic processes and what would in 20th century terms have been called "paste-up." He returned to this later, and one of the companies he was involved with actually began early work with phototypesetting in the 20th century. Moore came very close to several important technologies, but (perhaps simply because he was too early) failed at each of them. Finally, for the legal historian, the complex litigation surrounding his later businesss triggered a case which made it to the US Supreme Court, providing basis in case law for an exceedingly minor point of the law of trusts.

For a discussion of Moore which attemps to catalog his various inventions and involvements chronologically, see the CircuitousRoot Notebook on Charles T. Moore. This present notebook simply attempts to list all of his specifically typewriter-related projects/patents/companies. This is perhaps not a sensible thing to do, since in most cases they appear to have been related in some way to printing processes. In each case, the Notebook on Moore will contain more information (if any more information even exists).

2. Typewriter Patents

Each link here is a link to the presentation of the same material in the CircuitousRoot Notebook on Charles T. Moore.

Note also that Moore's early Printing Telegraph and Rotary Type-Setting Machine bear certain structural resemblances both to each other and to Moore's first typewriter (see below). Each is, however, a distinct machine.

If any of these machines went into production as typewriters, I am unaware of the evidence for it.

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US Patent 173,232 (1873/1876)

US patent 173,232, "Improvement in Type-Writing Machines." Issued 1876-02-08 to Charles T. Moore of White Sulphur Springs, WV. Application filed 1873-05-21. One-fourth assigned to James O. Clephane.

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US Patent 419,864 (1890, Filed 1886)

US patent 419,864, "Type-Writing Machine." Issued 1890-01-21 to Charles T. Moore, of Washington, DC. Filed 1886-12-23 as application serial number 222,416. Not assigned.

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US Patent 549,232 (1895, Filed 1885)

US patent 549,523, "Type-Writing Machine." Issued 1895-11-12 to Charles T. Moore, of Washington, DC. Filed 1885-07-03 as application serial nubmer 170,645. Assigned to the Capital Type Writing Machine Company, of Virginia.

3. Typewriter Companies

Moore was associated specifically with:

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