Moore Typewriter Company

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1. Overview

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This was a company presumably founded by Charles T. Moore which was involved in complex litigation and in confused circumstances was acquired by the American Planograph Company (possibly along with the Linomatrix Company, which it may have controlled). Although the American Planograph company did later produce at least prototype machinery for a lithographic transfer composing process which involved typewriter-like equipment, I am aware of no evidence of any machines produced by the Moore Typewriter Company.

Charles T. Moore had been important in the pre-history of the Linotype. Later, he was involved in several typewriting and related companies, including the Moore Typewriter Company, American Planograph Company, and possibly the Linomatrix Company and/or the Linomatrix Machine Company.

I am aware of no evidence that the Moore Typewriter Company ever produced a machine.

None of Moore's patents were assigned to this company, though of course that doesn't mean that they didn't control them.

It would seem that in 1901 the Moore Typewriter Company, along with the Linomatrix Company, which it controlled (but possibly not the possibly separate Linomatrix Machine Company; this isn't clear), were absorbed into the American Planograph Company. See the CircuitousRoot Notebook on Charles T. Moore for further discussion.

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