General References Concerning Collets

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Manufacturers' Publications

Catalogs and other technical publications by companies which either defined collet standards originally (e.g., Rivett) or make/made collets (e.g., Nann).

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Hardinge, 2348E

The Hardinge brochure Spindle Tooling for Manual and CNC Lathes, online at, contains much useful information.

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The German firm of Simon Nann GmbH&Co.KG, in Böttingen, produces many specialty collets. See: Standard Clamping Devices, N.b., System Deckel collets are shown on page 136 of this Catalog as printed, which works out to p. 60 of the PDF file.

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Rivett Bulletin 100-B

A link to (and information on the exact location of) Draw-In Collets and Chucks, Bulletin 100-B of Rivett Lathe & Grinder Inc. This is an essential reference especiall for Rivett New Style (e.g., 4NS) and Old Style (e.g. 4OS) collets.

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Third-Party Literature

(Especially horological literature.)

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Goodrich (1903)

Ward L. Goodrich's The Watchmakers' Lathe: Its Use and Abuse. (Chicago: Hazlitt & Waleker, 1903) contains a good table of collet dimensions. It predates the Rivett New Series (e.g., 4NS), however. This book is available online via Google Books; the link here is to the single page (p. 65) with the collet table.

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Machinery's Handbook (5th Ed., 1914)

The 5th edition of Machinery's Handbook (1914) contains a very nice table of "draw-back chucks" (that is, collets) for bench lathes. This table is particularly useful because it includes the taper angle. However, the Rivett collets it lists are "Old Style" rather than New Style (NS). This book is in the public domain; the link here is to a copy of p. 791, showing the table.

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Machinery's Handbook (12th Ed., 1943)

The 12th edition of Machinery's Handbook does list the Rivett NS collets, but, frustratingly, no longer includes the tapers.

The copyright on the 12th edition of Machinery's Handbook was renewed, so it remains in copyright. You'll just have to find a paper copy.

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Archie B. Perkins, in his extraordinary book The Modern Watchmakers' Lathe and How to Use It. (Harrison, OH: American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute, 2003), ISBN 0-918845-23-8, has considerable information on many kinds of collets and collet chucks. This includes an extensive table of collet ("split wire chuck") dimensions (p. 31) which gives taper angles. Unfortunately, the dimensions given in this table for the Rivett collets indicate that he is listing Old Style Rivett collets, not New Style. (My interest as I write this is specifically on the 4NS collet.)

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