Rivett Bulletin 100-B

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Bulletin 100-B of Rivett Lathe and Grinder Inc., Draw-In Collets and Chucks contains much useful information, including specifications of collets by Rivett (Old Style and New Style), Hendy, Cataract, LeBlond, Seneca, South Bend, and Becker. Note that a "4NS" collet is a Rivett No. 4 New Style collet, and that a "5C" collet is a Cataract No. 5 collet.

This publication has been reprinted by Frank Dorion and Steve Uphill and is distributed online by the New England Model Engineering Society at http://www.neme-s.org/Shaper%20Books/Rivett_Lathes/Section_4/Rivett%20Disk%204/Rivett%20Collets%20B100-B%20%5BPDF%5D/4_Rivett_Collets_B100-B.pdf

Regrettably, this URL contains both spaces and characters unfriendly to the safe transit of URLs. Since this is very important information, here's the path to it: First, go to the home page of the New England Model Engineering Society: http://www.neme-s.org. Click on the "Metal Shaper Books in PDF" (no, the metalworking shaper generally doesn't employ collets, but the information is here anyway). This takes you to the "Shaper Boook Page." Go down to, and click on, the "Rivett Lathes" link. This takes you not to a web pages per se but to an old-fashioned directory index of the contents of the website at this point. Click on the link to "Section_4". This goes to another directory index. Click on the link to "Rivett Disk 4". This goes to another directory index, this one of actual PDF files. Click on (or right-click and download) the item "Rivett collets B100-B [PDF]". This is it.

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