System Deckel Collets

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The German firm of Simon Nann GmbH&Co.KG, in Böttingen, lists the following information for their "System Deckel (for engraving machines)" collets:

Nann Article Number Max. Diameter (mm) Overall Length (mm) Taper Angle (degrees) Max. Capacity (mm)
402 E 15.5 20 10 6
405 E 17.5 24 10 8
408 E 24 36 10 12
441 E 34 45 10 20
457 E 45.1 66 "SK40" 25

Source: Standard Clamping Devices,, p. 136 (p. 60 of the PDF).

Their drawing indicates that the overall length is in fact the complete overall length all the way to the flat front surface (not just the length of the taper).

They give the "Clamping tolerance" as "h 10" and note that they manufacture these collets to a hardness of "HRc 46".

Measurement of a collet which came with my Deckel GK 21 gives an overall length of 23.99 and a maximum diameter of 17.37. This would indicate that the GK 21 takes a Nann article numer 405 E. I don't know what the corresponding Deckel designation of this collet size would be.

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