Gorton P1-2 Pantomill, s/n 41,693


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A Gorton model P1-2 Pantomill. Serial number 41,693. Formerly at Barber-Colman, Rockford. (their inventory number 4680). It was in service from 1961 to February 2011; I acquired it on July 8, 2011. They were the original purchasers of this machine in 1961. Except for the used machinery dealer who obtained it from them and sold it to me (Dick Crosby, WINN/DIXI MTS, Rockford, who was a pleasure to work with), I'm the second owner of this machine.

Most machine tools have their serial number stamped or cast somewhere on the main casting of the tool, or stamped on a name plate. The Gorton P1-2 has it engraved on one of the bars of the pantograph mechanism:

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