Gorton P1-2 Pantomill, s/n 41,693


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1. Workholding Collets and Chucks

The spindle of this machine is bored for Gorton Panto-Collets. See: ../../../ Collets --> Gorton Panto-Collet.


Note: The 1961 Form 2720-C, Small Tools and Accessories book identifies the 5/16 Panto-Collet for the 3-F/3-U-P1-2/P1-3 machines as K-5412 (p. 12). The 1956/1957 Form 2720-A says the same. However, the 1956/1959 Form 2720-B calls that p/n 9381 and says that K-5412 has a 3/8" hole size. I am assuming that Form 2720-B is in error.

Collet Bushings:

2. Tracer Collets

See: ../../../ Collets --> Gorton Tracer ("Style") Collet.

Note: even though this measures undersize, it feels far too tight in the collet.

3. Former Bar


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