Reid 2-C Surface Grinder

Power and Spindle

image link-topic-sf0.jpg

On a fully manual surface grinder such as this, the only power is that to the spindle, and the spindle is itself the motor.

In this case, the machine is equipped with an "EX-CELL-O" brand spindle.

Here's the nameplate on the spindle, as received:

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image link-to-reid-2c-ex-cell-o-spindle-nameplate-2012-03-30-6432-sf0.jpg

It would seem that it was originally wired for 220V 3-phase at 2.8 Amps, and that it had been rewired later for 440V at 1.4 Amps. But it is unwise to believe everything one reads. In fact the motor is wired for 220V 3-phase. (Attempting to run it at 440V simply results in a rapid temperature rise which trips the machine's breaker in under a minute.)

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