Walsh No. 2 Press

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This press actually belongs to my wife, Rollande Krandall. It was a birthday present from me (though she discovered it and asked for it). We haven't yet put it into service, but our intent, once we learn die sinking [1], is to use it to produce stampings for her jewelry business, Singing Lemur Jewelry.

Although this press appears to be large by "home shop" standards (the wheel at the top is 37 inches in diameter), it is rather small by industrial standards. It is not a production press, but rather what is termed colloquially (at least in the midwest) a "spotting" press. That is, it serves the same function to the metalworker that a "proof press" serves to the printer: it is used to test a punch/die pair before it is put into service.

However, in our postindustrial times, just as the printer's proof press (once a minor piece of equipment in the production plant) has become the mainstay of the artist-printer, so also this spotting press might easily meet all of the limited production needs of an artist-jeweler.

Note: As shown the press is complete, but in use it would be set up with additional job-specific components, not present in the photograph, to hold and guide the die and punch (e.g., bolster plate, die set, etc.)

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Acquired 2011.



[1] Neither of us lack for ambitious projects.

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