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I don't know anything about this machine. That isn't surprising. Google doesn't know anything about this machine either. That is surprising.

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ORD 7-8 SNL J-191 Devere Model 20 (1954)

Grinder, Tool and Cutter, Bench Type, 1/4 HP, 110 V, 60 C, SGLE-PH, w/Accessories (Devere Model 20) (40-G-168-85) . (Washington, DC: Department of the Army / US Government Printing Office, 1954-04-06) Department of the Army Supply Manual ORD 7-8 SNL J-191.

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Illustration from ORD 7-8 SNL J-191

This is the single illustration from the US Army supply manual reproduced in full above. The icon here links to a 2048 pixel wide JPEG version of it, which should suffice for most purposes.

Just because there's so little known about this machine, here's a full-resolution PNG scan of this illustration. It is 143 Megabytes: devere-model-20-cutter-grinder-army-ORD-7-8-SNL-J-191-1954-04-06-1200rgb-13-crop-7968x9568-rot90cw.png

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